You can make a difference and help YANA by:

  • Volunteering – your services or time. By visiting with residents, helping to transport residents or assisting with administrative tasks. Services like handyman, appliance repair, plumbing and electrical work is always needed.
  • Donating goods- like some of the groceries on our grocery list, or birthday/Christmas gifts for residents.
  • Donating equipment- fridges, washing machines, etc. are always welcome.
  • Donating financial support:

– “Make-over”-projects

– “Sponsor a resident”-project

– Specific capital projects

* Fundraising-


As YANA is registered as an article 18 company, all donations to YANA are deductible from tax.

If you would like to receive an Article 18A certificate for your donation, please send an e-mail to with your details.


Donations and volunteer work are done in consultation with the manager.

Help YANA by offering services

Help YANA by Donating Equipment

Help YANA by Donating Goods

Help YANA by Donating Financial Support

 – We have continuous “Make-over”-projects, where people can sponsor the make-over or maintenance of a room in a house.

We started a project a year ago to upgrade all the rooms by using standard colour paint and replacing carpets in rooms with a standard tile. High quality products are used that gives all our rooms a fresh new look that will last.


-There is also a “Sponsor a resident”-project, where a contribution can be made to help cover the fees for the monthly fees for a resident.

Most of our residents have no other income than disability grant and a small amount that the State contributes towards their stay in YANA. These two amounts together, however, only cover 64% of a resident’s expenses. The other 36% must be covered by external parties, mostly parents. As there has been no subsidy increase since 2009 (currently three years running), the contribution to be made by the parents of residents are increasing by the year. It is becoming more and more difficult for a lot of people to cover these expenses. By getting involved in the “sponsor a resident-“ project, an individual or organisation can contribute an amount of their choice to help a specific resident to cover their monthly expenses for a time as specified.

  • Make a donation towards a specific project.
    For instance, the one to build and equip an industrial-type kitchen as our current facility is inadequate.



Fundraising projects

Fundraising projects are essential to support our budget. Get involved by joining our fundraising projects, like our annual Golf Day or give us suggestions for fundraising projects!   Help sponsor any renovations/maintenance, extensions and projects. Donations can be made towards a specific project,



YANA’s Banking Details

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Current account No. 1500980350