On the following pages you can read more about who YANA is, how we started and how we currently function. You can also learn more about our services, and the benefits of a psycho-social rehabilitation program. Find out how we are managed, our sources of income and how it is spent. You can read more about our news and events and find out how you can get involved.


Who is YANA?

YANA is a non-profit welfare organisation registered at the Department of Health and Social Development, caring for people with schizophrenia.

The acronym stands for “You Are Not Alone” and it summarizes our two main goals:

  • providing residential care in a group home setup and
  • offering a psycho-social rehabilitation program to increase general functioning. Day visitors can join YANA and participate in the program on a daily basis.



YANA’s Background

During 1984, a social worker from Weskoppies Hospital, who ran a support group for parents and sufferers of schizophrenia, identified the need for people with schizophrenia to live in an environment where they can relate to other people with the same illness and receive therapy for their illness as well. YANA was founded in the same year.

One of the most important original goals was the establishment of a group home. This required extensive financial support and fundraising by parents. The first house for men was purchased in 1993.  It was officially opened on 17 March 1994 and filled with residents within weeks. A second house (for men) was purchased in 1996 and a house for ladies followed in 2000. After a strategic meeting that took place in 2007, it was decided that YANA should expand some more to cater for the great need that still remained. Another two houses for men were acquired during the following two years. We are currently still expanding and hope to reach a stage where we can provide for 64 residents, as well as 15 day visitors.

The psycho-social rehabilitation program was developed and implemented since the start of YANA. Further research and improvements to the existing program are being done on a continual basis. Currently the program includes a wide variety of therapeutic and social activities as well as life skills and occupational training.


YANA’s Organisational Structure 




YANA’s Staff

YANA Staff



  • An occupational therapist runs occupational therapy groups on a regular basis.
  • Trained/professional volunteers assist with the program by presenting specific activities on a weekly basis.



YANA’s Budget

YANA is managed on a non-profit base and all monies received are utilized to provide the services as offered.

YANA has the following sources of income:

  • Lodgings fees that includes residential care (water and electricity, three meals, etc.) as well as participation in the Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Program. A fee is also charged for day visitors that includes one meal, tea, coffee and the Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Program.
  • YANA is also registered at the Department of Health and Social Welfare in Gauteng and receives a subsidy from them to help cover running costs.
  • The third source of income- donations and fundraising needs to gain more focus, since this will is essential for futher expansions.


The graphs below show the income and expences as well as the allocation of funds:

YANA Budget




2.6 Patient and Family Comments

 Some resident’s comments after settling in at YANA:

 “The first time I came for an interview I met the staff. They made the interview easy.  I felt happy and met all the friends at YANA, who made me feel welcome. Everybody made me feel at peace and secure. I believe they will treat me that way for a long time. I used to worry but now I feel very relaxed.”

 “It is summer and the days hot at YANA house, the Mulberry trees bear fruit and it’s very nice to eat them, so also the lemons. The food at YANA is very nice, especially in the afternoons. It’s easy to go shopping because the shops are close. It is also very nice to exercise at YANA for almost all equipment is available. The Pierneef performance was very enjoyable! It’s very nice at YANA, because there is enough free-time and just as you feel you get bored, there are groups to attend. Thanks YANA, keep on!!!!”

One of our parents wrote the following:

“Since our son went to stay at YANA house, we had an arrangement for him to come and visit us on his birthday, so that we and the family can spoil him. This year, however, the highlight was not the gifts and tasty treats, but Estelle’s call with Gerard’s pals who congratulated him personally. This again made us realize with gratitude that YANA is now his home and that the staff and residents are like family to him.”